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SW4 Festival -


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London plays host to the famous South West Four Festival, a festival DJing legend Carl Cox once referred to as ‘the crowning glory’ of the capital‘s clubbing calendar. 

August Bank Holiday weekend is all about Clapham Common, where the world’s greatest electronic and dance music producers descend on South West London to create a unique atmosphere full of joy and hope.

The challenge.
We were tasked with creating a captivating and engaging animation teaser trailer to generate excitement and anticipation for the festival. 

The trailer needed to appeal to the target audience of young adults in London who are big fans of electronic and dance music.

Our solution.
We wanted to capture the essence of the festival in the animation, while creating a sense of suspense. We incorporated powerful elements like fire, water and electricity to do this. 

The music starts off quiet and slow, interspersed with brief sounds of the audience, and suddenly explodes into an exciting montage of footage from previous years. As it’s a teaser, we provided minimal information, simply closing the video with the hashtag #TAKEMETOSW4.

The results.

Social engagement: The video was shared on YouTube and socials, enjoying hundreds of views across different platforms.
Buzz generation: Through the power of creative storytelling and innovative animation, we were able to generate buzz and excitement in the lead up to the event.
Event awareness: The video was able to capture the attention of SW4 regulars, as well as festival goers that weren’t previously aware of the festival.

If you want to inject some creativity into your next event campaign, consider animation. Get in touch. 


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