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Decca -

Leopold Stokowski.

STOKOWSKI Gallery 01
STOKOWSKI Gallery 02
STOKOWSKI Gallery 03

A new instalment from Decca brings together the complete recordings of music legend and visionary, Leopold Stokowski, for the first time.

With original artwork, the 23 CD limited edition collection includes a bonus audio documentary with excerpts from rare recordings plus an interview with the maestro himself.

The challenge.
Decca wanted a simple yet effective way to advertise the new CD box set. Appreciating the power of visual storytelling in capturing attention and conveying emotions, they came to us for another animation.

The aim of this video was to encapsulate the essence of the music, evoke emotional resonance with the audience, and entice listeners to explore the work further by making a purchase.

Our solution.
The primary objective was to create an immersive experience that not only showcased Leopold Stokowski’s musical prowess but also conveyed the thematic depth and emotional range of his work.

We opted for colourful visuals, powerful statements and the most recognisable music to create this successful animation video. The music immediately captures the attention of the audience, transporting you to a different era with no hesitation.

The results.

Emotional connection: Viewers were engaged by the recognisable music as well as the powerful storytelling. 
Brand recognition: The animation video was able to boost awareness of Decca.
CD sales: The campaign video helped to promote CD sales, inspiring viewers to purchase the limited edition collection.

If you have a new product to advertise, get in touch with our create team and let’s produce something great together.


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