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MyTeachar -

Platform explainer.


MyTeachar is leading a revolution in personalised, curriculum-led education. They make original educational videos that are personalised to suit children’s different learning needs and capabilities.

The platform supports children of all abilities, whether they’re home-schooled, or just need a little extra help with particular subjects.


With multiple different teachers delivering the same content in their own unique style, children can choose which teacher suits their approach to learning best. So, unlike at school where they have minimal choices like this, children are empowered to make decisions about their own education.


The challenge.

The company came to us with a goal to advertise their platform in a way that appealed to both children and adults. They wanted an engaging video that captured the attention of their audience, while explaining the process of the MyTeachar platform as well as the benefits.


Our solution.

Having worked on similar educational videos before, we knew how to deliver a creative solution that would help the company to achieve their ambitions. We focused on their unique, personalised approach.


We designed characters and visual elements that were modern, friendly, and aligned with MyTeachar’s branding. We also hired a professional voiceover artist to deliver the script in a clear and enthusiastic manner.


The results.

Enrolments: The video encouraged parents to invest in their children’s education and sign-up for accessible e-learning videos.

Awareness: We were able to provide an informative advert that raised awareness of the benefits of personalised learning.

Engagement: The video was tailored towards adults but used a light-hearted and friendly design that was engaging for children, too.


Animation can be a powerful tool, whether you’re educating students or informing the world of your products and services. Get in touch to find out how we can help you connect with your audience.


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