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Software explainer.

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Based in London, Coyote is an award-winning commercial real estate and asset management software for property investors.

Transforming the way that real estate businesses buy and manage assets globally, it’s designed to help you work smarter and your data work harder. 

The challenge.
Like a lot of B2B software and finance systems, Coyote needed a simple yet impactful way to describe what they do and how they do it. 

As a disruptive brand with a complex offering, the goal was to keep things easy to understand while showcasing their vast range of features and benefits as well as the company’s achievements.

Our solution.
The software is aimed at simplifying property management, while enhancing the user experience for real estate professionals. With this in mind, we produced an informative, 2.5 minute video that talked through everything in a straightforward manner.

We incorporated the brand colours and focused on iconography for a smart, tech-forward look that reflected the company and added visual elements to some of the more complicated steps.

The results.

Education: The video clearly demonstrated how the software can streamline property management tasks and improve efficiency.
Brand image: The sleek animation and professional image helped to position the brand as a tech-savvy, customer-focused company.
Positive feedback: The team praised the video for its clarity and streamlined presentation.

If you’re looking for a clear way to explain a complicated subject, get in touch and let’s chat about how we can help. 


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