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LumiraDX -

Diagnostic platform explainer.


Founded in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs with a successful track record in building and scaling diagnostics and health IT businesses, LumiraDX is building the future of diagnostics.

As industry-leading innovators, they’re transforming community-based healthcare with their next-generation point of care platform.


The challenge.

The diagnostic platform involves sophisticated technology, but needs to be understood by both healthcare professionals and patients.


With a diverse audience to cater to, LumiraDX needed to find the balance between technical detail and general understanding.


Our solution.

We provided an engaging animation video that simplified the complex concepts behind the platform, breaking them down into easily understandable segments that clearly communicated the advantages for healthcare providers and patients.


A clean, modern animation style was chosen to reflect the advanced technology of MedTech Diagnostics. Bright, fresh colours and friendly characters were used to make the video appealing and approachable.


We also used a professional voiceover artist to deliver the script, while background music was carefully selected to complement the narration and maintain a professional tone.


The results.

Strong engagement: We used a well-designed visual style to enhance viewer engagement and retention.

Education: The video clearly demonstrated how the platform could enhance both patient and provider experience.

Brand image: The professional image helped to position the brand as a key player in the medical-tech industry.


If you’re looking for a powerful way to simplify a complex concept, get in touch to discuss your animation options.


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