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Allen Associates is a recruitment agency based in Oxford, specialising in PR and administration, HR, marketing and finance.

Driven by a genuine interest in people and a deep-rooted belief that what they do matters – the team pride themselves on getting to know their candidates really well. This puts them in a position to select the right people for the right roles in the right businesses.

The challenge.
Despite having a strong track record and a large database of clients and candidates, the agency wanted to enhance its visibility and appeal in a highly competitive market. 

The goal was to create an engaging animated advert that would differentiate Allen Associates from other agencies and communicate the genuine value they provide to both job seekers and employers.

Our solution.
We created some simple but expressive characters to leverage a relatable connection with the audience. Allen Associates is a very human brand and they don’t take themselves too seriously, so we wanted to reflect this with some light-hearted comedy.

We produced two variations of the advert, utilising colours and shape elements from their branding to create a memorable style that was a true reflection of their identity. 

The results.

Increased brand awareness: The simple yet effective advert helped to boost the awareness and knowledge of the brand in Oxford and beyond.
Strong engagement: The advertisement was placed on multiple channels over several months, helping to see an increase in enquiries.
Positive feedback: The team was very pleased with the effect of the animation, providing us with encouraging feedback.

If you’re thinking about animation for your next ad, get in touch and let’s chat about your options.


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