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Context Ridewear.

We were commissioned by the guys at Context Ridewear to create a series of social media videos promoting their new MTB apparel brand, core values and products.

Context Ridewear
Context Ridewear - Gravity
Context Ridewear

01. Ambassador Programme.

How exactly does it work? 

1. Have an instagram account with over 500 followers which contains a decent amount of MTB content (no business accounts).

2. Send them a message from your instagram account to theirs (@contextridewear) so that they can verify that the account is actually yours.


3. They will send you your own personal discount code to use for the next 12 months!


4. Speed or referral boosts can be added at a later date, by emailing them your race results, or referring a friend to their scheme. 


02. Introduction to Context.

Why ride in Context?

1. Reliable

Their gear is engineered for gravity-oriented riding. Their experience as riders and consumers made it obvious what they wanted to create; Gear which didn't rip or tear so easily in a crash and gave them the confidence they needed to go harder and faster than ever. Context also understand that when pushing the limits, something has to give - and that's why they back up your purchase with their 'Crash replacement policy' so that you can keep on shredding in their gear. 

2. Timeless

Context have a core line of colours which can be mixed and matched, and always look great.

3. Unbeatable value

They were fed up of only being able to afford 'end-of-line' sale items from established brands, and getting stuck with mis-matching gear in odd colour combinations. That's why they have worked hard to offer their gear for an unbeatable price. They achieve this by working closely with their suppliers, buying directly from them and shipping directly to your door from their UK premises - avoiding retailers, importers, and any unnecessary fees.



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